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1 Pjotr Prins

Pjotr is a scientist/biologist/open source programmer, currently employed by the Personal genomics and bioinformatics dept. of the University Medical Centre Utrecht. Pjotr is also a visiting research fellow of the Laboratory of Nematology, Wageningen University; and the Groningen Bioinformatics Centre of University of Groningen.

You can find Pjotr's official social networking site here (aka github).

Recent write-ups include:

1.1 Articles

A full list of publications and citations can be found on Google Scholar and Pubmed.

1.2 Book Contributions

1.3 Talks

1.4 Education/courses organised

1.5 Posters

1.6 Conference Proceedings and Meeting Reports

1.7 Tutorials

1.8 Other


1.9 Projects

and much more on github.


1.10 Other

If you want to reach Pjotr send an E-mail to pjotr.public01 @ thebird.nl;

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